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Supply Management

Saskatchewan participates with other provinces in orderly marketing of chicken. Since 1966 Saskatchewan has been supply managed which regulates domestic production to ensure:

  • supply of the commodity matches the demand
  • prices paid to farmers are steady over time, cover their production costs and leave producers with a predictable income
  • consumers are guaranteed a consistent supply of safe, top quality farm products at consistent prices

Saskatchewan chicken producers operate within a quota system in which one quota unit permits production of approximately 11.51 kilograms per year. In order to rapidly respond to market demand for chicken meat, the quota utilization percentage changes from cycle to cycle. Producers currently operate on an eight-week cycle. Broilers are marketed between 38 and 42 days, leaving the remainder of the eight-week period for clean-up, repairs and preparation for placement of the next flock.

The quota limit for an individual is 6% of the total provincial allotment. A partnership or company with more than one person involved in the operation of a particular farm is also 6% of the provincial allotment.

In Saskatchewan quota can be leased to another Saskatchewan producer and must be produced in Saskatchewan. Producers who reach an agreement between themselves can agree to lease quota, subject to the approval of the Board.

Processors, who develop export markets, offer to producers through the Board, an opportunity to grow chicken for export. Market Development Quota can not be leased.

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