Meet Our Saskatchewan Farmers

Jesse and Elise Coleman

Agriculture has always been apart of our lives. Jesse was born & raised at Meskanaw, Saskatchewan – the same farm we bought and moved to 3 years ago. He went to Kinistino School then got an Ag Diploma at the University of Saskatchewan. He started his agricultural entrepreneur ideas young with pigs, sheep & horses. He has been grain farming our own land & with a local farmer for the past 10 years.

Elise grew up with a variety of livestock & grain farming at Fox Valley, Saskatchewan. Her grandfather built large barns for turkeys in the 1950s (before quota even existed). Since then, the barns have been filled with ostrich, sheep, goats & cattle. Elise got her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she still works as a full time Registered Nurse in Melfort.

We got married in 2012. Our first daughter, Tori was born in 2014 and second, Leah in 2016. Both the kids are hands on & a part of our lives in the barns – just as we were as kids.

It has been a whirlwind of a year. February 13 2019 was an exciting day – we found out we won New Entrant Program for Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan. It has been rewarding to visit various farms, talk with many producers, meet others in supporting industries & now,  3 days away from the completion of our own first flock. Both of us are new to the chicken industry, but excited for the opportunity & futures years in what feels like a supportive group of farmers. Barn construction began on June 3 2019 & we placed first flock January 7, 2020.


Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan (CFS) is a farmer run, non-profit organization representing approximately 68 registered chicken growers. Most of the farms in Saskatchewan are family based production units that have been passed down through generations. CFS has been part of a thriving poultry industry since 1966 and a member of the national agency, Chicken Farmers of Canada, since 1980.

All registered producers follow the mandatory Raised by a Canadian Farmer Animal Care and On Farm Food Safety Programs. Look for the Raised by a Canadian Farmer logo in grocery stores and restaurants near you. Our farmers are proud to grow fresh, quality chicken you can trust!

Patrick and Sonja Keet

Join Patrick for a virtual tour of his chicken farm and find out how chicken gets to your plate with Chicken from Farm to Table and more videos from the Keet family!