Saskatchewan Chicken Industry Development Fund

SCIDF (Saskatchewan Chicken Industry Development Fund) was created in 1999. The purpose of the fund is to develop the chicken industry through promotion and research. SCIDF is run by a separate committee of CFS members who determine where and to whom the funds should be allocated. To date the SCIDF committee has helped fund over 30 research projects, many of which are housed at the University of Saskatchewan, and donated to various non profit organizations throughout our province.


Fill out the SCIDF Application Form and send it to for review.

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Past Recipients

Dr. Karen Schwean-Lardner and Bethany Baker
Completed in 2019
Assessing on Farm Euthanasia in Poultry

Dr. Wolfgang Koester
Completed in 2019
In-Ovo vaccination Platform to Reduce Salmonella and Campylobacter

Dr. Mohammed Dar
Completed in 2019
Optimization of proven in-ovo effective non-antibiotic agents


All requests for sponsorship are carefully considered, acknowledging that our committee considers the following guidelines/priorities for sponsorship:

  • supporting farmers directly engaging in community
  • supporting agriculture awareness and public trust, research, educational programming & food security
  • supporting programs, events and activities that promote & encourage a healthy lifestyle

In addition, our committee will provide support to programs and projects that are:

  • Supported by chicken farmers, and have a measurable impact on their community and/or the province

Non profit organizations looking for funding and/or donations, must submit a request using the form on this page. Please allow a minimum 30 days for review of your application. You will be contacted once your request has been reviewed.

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