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Chicken breast without the skin has less fat content than sirloin steak, pot roast, hamburger (even 90 percent lean), beef tenderloin, pork chops, and ham. Chicken is lower in saturated fats than salmon, making it a sensible choice for lean eaters.

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The new Canada’s Food Guide is about making healthy food choices; as Canadians #1 choice for protein, chicken remains a great one!

Chicken is nutrient rich, providing a boost of protein with the added benefits of vitamins and minerals. To top it off, chicken is also a family favourite with other plant-based sources of protein to provide a healthy balanced meal.

Chicken is a lean source of protein, which means it is low in fat and high in protein. The Canada’s Food Guide emphasizes the need to watch out for fatty cuts of meat, which makes chicken a perfect choice.

Chicken packs a protein punch with roughly 20 to 30 g of protein per 100 g serving (depending on the cut). Additionally, chicken breast is very low in saturated fat with only 0.6 g per 100 g serving. As part of a healthy diet, chicken can help get Canadians on the right track to meeting their protein requirements.