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Teachers looking for a way to include agriculture in your classroom. We have a new resource for grades 2-5 and it’s FREE. The package includes a video, learning workbook and classroom poster designed to fit the language, math and science curricula. It’s available French and English.

This kit, designed by Chicken Farmers of Canada assists teachers, while offering activities relating directly to Canada’s provincial curricula:

  • The video presents the industry in a lively, humorous and informative manner, with visuals of the whole operation from hatchery to consumer.
  • The teacher’s resource consists of 6 curriculum-based activities.

The kit is designed specifically:

  • To encourage a positive perception of the chicken farming community in Canada
  • To present a safe healthy image of chicken farming and animal care
  • To educate children on the life cycle of chickens (gate to plate)
  • To identify food safety practices from farm to consumer
  • To promote consumption of chicken as a nutritious and delicious food choice
  • To promote new innovative products by the industry that appeal to kids
  • To demonstrate that the chicken industry is “in tune” with the tastes and lifestyle of the modern family

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