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The Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan Board of Directors seats five producer members who are elected by their peers. It is the responsibility of the Board to set policies, volume, and negotiate a minimum live price with industry partners. Directors are eligible to serve up to nine years consecutively, (three – three year terms) and must stand down for a minimum of one year before they can become eligible for election again. The directors serve various roles on the board including representation at the national agency, Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC).

2019 Board Members

Henry Van Ee, Chair
Ben Middleton, Vice Chair
Nick Langelaar, CFC Director
George Hofer, CFC Alternate
Wally Sloboshan, Director

Our Team

Kim Hill

Kim Hill

Operations Manager
Adam Berenik

Adam Berenik

Producer Programs Manager
Jenny Nolasco

Jenny Nolasco

Production Manager

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