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Frequently asked quesions (FAQ)


Where can I buy grain-fed chicken? 

All chickens in Canada are grain-fed. In western Canada, farmers feed the birds a blend of wheat and barley which gives the skin and fat a white colour. In other parts of Canada, and in the USA, chickens eat more corn than wheat which is the ingredient that produces a yellow colour.

What are free-run chickens?

Meat chickens are NOT raised in cages. In Canada all meat chickens are raised as free-run birds. Free-run chickens are raised in barns allowing free movement around the entire barn. The birds are raised in climate controlled barns to protect them from harsh winters, hot summers, predators and disease.

What's the difference between a cornish hen, a broiler and a roaster?

Size is the difference. Cornish hens are the smallest, weighing under 1 kilogram live weight. This size of chicken is always sold as a whole bird. Broilers, or fryers, are the size most often seen in the store. These birds have a live weight of about 1.7 - 2.2 kilograms. Broilers may be sold as a whole bird or as chicken pieces. Roasters are the heaviest chickens, weighing over 2.2 kilograms live weight. Roasters are always sold as whole birds. 

What is a production cycle?

A production cycle is the period of time to which authorized quota is applied, as established by resolution of the Board.

What is marketing quota?

Marketing quota means the maximum live weight, in kilograms, a licensed producer is authorized to market in a production cycle.

How many birds can I grow without quota? 

999 birds per year. Any more than this requires a license to grow quota.

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