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About Us

Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan Vision, Mission and Values.

Vision: A world class Saskatchewan chicken industry focused on consumer needs and built on innovation, profitability and the ability of stakeholders to work together for the good of the industry as a whole.


Mission: Through a dynamic, innovative leadership team, to develop a profitable, safe, viable expanding Saskatchewan chicken industry.

Core Values

Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan (CFS) is funded exclusively by the Saskatchewan producers through levy check-off paid according to the kilograms marketed. The economic contribution to the province is significant. In 2009 Saskatchewan growers produced approximately 51,400,000 kilograms of chicken. The chicken industry in Saskatchewan employs approximately 970 people. Saskatchewan has two major processors; Lilydale Foods Inc. located in Wynyard and Prairie Pride Natural Foods located in Saskatoon. The province also has three registered hatcheries and twelve feed manufacturers.

The Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan Board of Directors seats five producer members who are elected by their peers. It is the responsibility of the Board to set policies, volume, and negotiate a minimum live price with industry partners. Directors are eligible to serve up to nine years consecutively, (three - three year terms) and must stand down for a minimum of one year before they can become eligible for election again. The directors serve various roles on the board including representation at the national agency, Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC).

The CFS board office has five employees and is located in Saskatoon.

Supply Management

Saskatchewan participates with other provinces in orderly marketing of chicken. Since 1966 Saskatchewan has been supply managed which regulates domestic production to ensure:

Quota System

Saskatchewan chicken producers operate within a quota system in which one quota unit permits production of approximately 11.51 kilograms per year. In order to rapidly respond to market demand for chicken meat, the quota utilization percentage changes from cycle to cycle. Producers currently operate on an eight-week cycle. Broilers are marketed between 38 and 42 days, leaving the remainder of the eight-week period for clean-up, repairs and preparation for placement of the next flock.

Quota Maximum Size

The quota limit for an individual is 6% of the total provincial allotment. A partnership or company with more than one person involved in the operation of a particular farm is also 6% of the provincial allotment.

Quota Leasing

In Saskatchewan quota can be leased to another Saskatchewan producer and must be produced in Saskatchewan. Producers who reach an agreement between themselves can agree to lease quota, subject to the approval of the Board.

New Market Development Quota (NMDQ)

Processors, who develop export markets, offer to producers through the Board, an opportunity to grow chicken for export. New Market Development Quota can not be leased.